Adventures Pt. 1

Hello lovely people!

Hope you’re well and cozy! 🙂

Me?! I’m freezing. 😀

See, as a Bulgarian, I’m supposed to be used to cold weather and snow. As a matter of fact, at the moment the snow levels there reach more than 6 inches, and in some places more than 10 inches. You’d say, that’s pretty standard.. however, I’d argue the opposite, especially at this time of the year. Someone must have managed to upset Lady March. (that’s an inside joke. I’ll explain it in the next post.)

However, I ain’t in Bulgaria. Me is in Scotland.

Fun fact: Despite popular belief, walking in high-heels in the snow doesn’t necessarily end up in one falling on their bum. It sometimes results in one “walking” for 25 minutes on a route which would usually take about 10. Yep, me is on some occasions not the smartest cookie in the jar. (But I embrace it. And laugh mostly.)  And this lovely Tuesday night totally proved it. The lesson, my dear kids, is never, NEVER underestimate the weather in Scotland.

Back to the point, as a Bulgarian, I’m supposed to be used to cold weather and snow. But, as a Bulgarian who has lived in Scotland for the last 3 winters (years), I’ve kinda lost this ability.

However, I’ve learned to fly. How?!

Pretty easy, just follow those two steps:

  1. You just stay in front of your front door (it will only work if you live in Scotland, and your street is near the sea/river (any type of water supply basically)) in a snow blizzard.
  2. Wait for the wind.

I promise you don’t even have to put any effort to walk, the wind forces you to. 🙂

Another fun fact: You don’t really get to choose which way you’re going. 😀

*Disclaimer: Do not try this at home, without having adults around you…

Oh, wait?!

How do you decide who’s an adult and who’s not?! (You’ll find out pretty soon. Just keep on checking here)

That’s all from me, folks! 🙂

Hope I made you laugh!

Much love,


P.S. The weird looking creature with the very noticeable eyebrows is me. That’s my “Brace yourself. Winter is coming!” outfit. And the rest is pretty Fun-dee. 🙂 

P.P.S. Check my Instagram account 🙂


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