Vegan, sustainable and kind.

Hey there lovely people!

Happy New Year! (she said 2 months in)

You know how every year people have a New Years’ resolution, or a few. Well, this Bulgarian doesn’t. I know myself all too well and if I can’t stick to the usual “I’ll start going to the gym regularly from Monday” then what chance a resolution has.

However, I’ve been interested in sustainability for a while now and have been trying to incorporate different alternatives in my everyday life.

Last month I watched a fascinating documentary about the relationship between a plant-based diet and health, called “What the Health?! ( you can watch in on Netflix or online if you want). I realised that I can easily become vegan if I put my mind to it.

But isn’t been vegan very difficult?

Like, how are you gonna get your protein?

How are you gonna make pancakes and french toast without eggs?

(read with a funny voice)

These are all questions many of us, including me a month ago, are asking ourselves.

Milk? To be completely honest, I’ve never been a big fan of milk. I used to only have a drop in my tea because I didn’t know which alternative milk to use.

Cheese? Nah, I’ve never really been too obsessed about that either. Bulgarian feta cheese is absolutely delicious, but I’m absolutely certain I can live without it.

So, the question for me was, can I just outright give up eggs and meat?! Well, Yeah!

I realised that we, Bulgarians, have so many animal-product-free dishes that I can eat something different every night and not get “bored” for months.

So, here I am, proud to be VEGAN (for a week so far) and feel absolutely amazing.

If you’re wondering why I’m doing this… well the answer is simple.

Firstly, I want to live my life as sustainable as possible and knowing that “raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gasses than the entire transportation sector” (“What the Health“, 42:10min) made my choice pretty easy.

Secondly, I want to be a kind human being and as such I want to treat every breathing, living creature on the planet with kindness. (even spiders)

Being kind is not a luxury that only applies to the hoomans. 

And thirdly, I would like to experience the health benefits that come with the plant-based diet.

And NO, I’m not doing it because it’s trendy!

Fun fact: Being vegan actually helped me be more organised, cause you know the joys of being a student, having a part-time job, and being an adult, in general, are huge.

So, this is the decisions I made this year. And I’m going to stick to them this time. Still most probably won’t go to the gym or quit smoking (for now) but at least I feel a lot better about myself being vegan, sustainable, and kind

Hope you have a fabulous 2019!

Thanks for stopping by.

Much love,

Dan x


P.S. As I’m having my coffee, I’m thinking, maybe I can give you some cool vegan recipes to try, or do some DIY sustainable things. Let me know if you want to see things like this in a comment. 🙂

P.P.S FYI, My two new favourite words are fabulous and fantastic. 



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