How to adult pt.1

 Hello lovely people!

Happy Sunday! 🙂

The reason why I’m writing this so late is that today was my Burrito day!

What is a burrito day you ask?!

Well, it has nothing to do with food (kinda, cause I’ve been eating). It’s just me, wrapped in a blanket, a cuppa tea in me hand, a few pre-rolled cigarettes, and Netflix. (oh and possibly ice cream if I have any secret stashes left)

Yep, that’s one extremely unproductive Sunday! But that’s just how I like it.

And believe it or not, Burrito day is an important part of my adulting.

You’d think that adults don’t get to spend a full day of doing nothing. But I’d argue that we do.

Everyone has their own equivalent of Burrito day, what’s yours?! (Let me know in the comments)

We grow up with the notion of what adults should and shouldn’t do. And it sets our expectations really high. (when we don’t reach them we start doubting ourselves and that’s not okay.)

For example, when I was 14, I thought my friends that are 18-22 years old are adults. And I genuinely believed they had their lives together and everyone had a plan. However, now that I’m practically in their shoes, I wonder, did they really had everything under control or was the whole thing just an illusion. *mindblown*

Adulting is the one thing all of us wonder how to do and today I’ll talk a little bit about how I cope with it. (that’s just a wee fragment of many trials, of which I shall talk later)

I’ve been trying to adult for a good few years now. I thought once I go to university, I’ll be required to turn into an adult and I had it all figured out (in my mind). To be honest, ever since I turned 18, I thought I was an adult. I had this plan of graduating High School, getting away from Bulgaria, and living la Vida Loca. Reality hit me the moment I left my parents’ house and had to think about all the bills, rent, cooking, and taking care of meself. (not as easy as I thought it would be)

Some days I manage to be an adult extremely well, but others, I’m a total nightmare at doing it. The reason being, when I was growing up, no one (for a second) thought to tell me that when I grow up, I’ll have many responsibilities, which will exhaust me and suck my life force and energy (and I don’t yet have any children, imagine that). There are days, when I go to work, then go home and pretend I’m a vegetable for the rest of the night. I don’t go out and go to bed at 10 pm. (I used to be a party-animal, more like a concert-animal..more stories to follow)

I bet all of you feel the same. (And that’s perfectly fine)

A few months back I had something like an existential crisis, I realised I had changed a lot, and I didn’t like it. It hits you really hard when you realise the person you’ve become, is not the person you want to be. I was too tired.

I found out why though.

I’ve discovered that the more things I have to do in a day, the more energy I have; and the opposite, the fewer things I have to do in a day, the less energy I have. And at that point, the only thing I was doing is going to work.

So, I’ve found a solution… I bought a diary. (and it’s not the kind of diary that you write how you feel about your crush, about the girl in high school you can’t stand or about your dreams of being an adult…been there, done that. It’s not too cool trying to hide it from your wee sister.)

It’s the kind of diary that keeps you organised, where you log all the things you need to do (including the shopping). Believe me, I started writing down the menu for the week, and then go shopping with the list I’ve created. So far, it’s saved me quite some money.

I started eating healthier and became more organised (I had everything pre-planned for the week). Which kind of managed to boost my mood and energy levels. Now, I come back from work and am no longer a vegetable. I actually do things. It’s awesome!

For example today I made pancakes… I’ll upload a funny video of how bad I’m at turning them around. (I promise it’s funny)

Well, I’m about to continue my Burrito day and have a cuppa.

Thank you for coming back to the blog!

Hope you like this post or at least laugh at it. (both are win-win)

Have a lovely week!

Be kind.

Much love,


P.S. Apparently in order to put a video up I need to upgrade my plan with WordPress.. well I ain’t doing it, so you lovelies will have to go to my Instagram and look at my highlights. Sorry!  😀

P.P.S. You can check out the next two parts of my How to adult series here, and here 😀


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