Self-motivation pt. 1

Hello lovely people!

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry, it took me so long to write another post, it’s just I struggle to function/ adult at the beginning of the week. (I’m sure many of you are the same)

In the previous post, I talked about adulting and the necessary for everyone “Burrito Day”. Today I’ll be talking a little bit about self-motivation, something obviously I’ve been lacking for the last two days.

All of my friends think I’m super energetic and communicative, some of them even find me inspiring. One thing is true, I’m very active and they’ve never seen me in my total meltdown state.

When I was growing up in Bulgaria, I was taught to never give up and keep on pushing through. On one hand, it taught me a valuable lesson on how to self-motivate and self-heal. On the other, it resulted in many sleepless nights and a lot of overthinking. (I’m sure you can relate)

The good thing about being encouraged to never give up is that it builds a character and a level of knowledge about your inner self. The bad thing is, though, that you start storing the negative things in the back of your head and bottling emotions up. Those two things are things I’ve been working really hard to overcome. (obviously, not that easy, a bad habit I guess) See, when I’m out, working, or just meeting with friends, I sometimes put this “perfectly happy” mask on, even if not everything’s alright in my life. I never allow anyone to see me vulnerable which is a result of my background and culture. I’m always strong, or at least try to be. There are days when I just go home and switch off, take the “mask” off, and just be me. I allow myself to be sad, unhappy, and stressed when I’m home. (or sometimes with my closest friends)

Self- motivation is a powerful thing!

This is the reason why for the last 6 months or so, I’ve established a rule of speaking. (for those who know me, they know I never shut up, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but actually, it was quite difficult for me :D) The rule was I was supposed to speak about what makes me happy, what annoys me, what hurts me, and what disappoints me no matter where I am. It also meant I had to express my views, even if I was being ignored, and force people to actually hear me. However, when it comes to emotions, it’s very difficult to express how you feel without sometimes hurting someone. (that was probably the reason I used to bottle things up so much)

I got so fed up by feeling down because of keeping things to myself that I decided to just say: “Fork it” (a wee reference from a tv series called The Good Place, check it out it’s awesome)

I think watching RuPaul’s Drag race also helped. (I mean all the sassiness and strength)

My main mean of self-motivation is looking forward and improving myself. I work hard to look my best because I’ve found that this gives me the strength and empowerment I need for my every day functioning. I aim to be a better person every day, be kind to everyone, and don’t judge. (it’s really difficult sometimes, but I must try) 

That’s my advice.

One can never imagine what the person standing in front of them is going through. Even if they’re hurting you, you must be kind, be the better person. It’s extremely easy to get lost in negativity and the notion of getting back at someone. However, this starts an avalanche of negativity and before you know it, everything in your life is going wrong.

I read a lovely book about the law of attraction and it basically says that whatever energy you put into the world, that’s the energy you’re going to get back.

Life’s too short to be jealous, hate, and try to sabotage others. Just focus on yourself!

The most important thing everyone should remember is that: You is unique! The only better version of you today is the one tomorrow! There’s no other you than you! Work hard on what is important to you and don’t overlook the people next to you.

Be kind! 

And if you ever feel alone, remember others feel that way too. And if we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that. (Part of a quote from “P.S. I love you”, I watched it on Sunday and cried my eyes out AGAIN :D) 

Hope you like the read! 🙂

Much love,



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